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The Parking Airport Picasso facilities are high quality, we have unique features that distinguish us from others:

  • 5 floors, 4 interiors and one exterior on the roof.
  • Metal structure throughout the building.
  • Special widths for large vehicles.
  • 2 minutes from the airport.
  • Fire-fighting system throughout the building.
  • Comprehensive insurance.

Your car will always be inside our facilities (even if you choose the outdoor parking as it will be parked on top of the building), sheltered from the sun, rain, and "prying eyes".

The ceilings and floors are made of metal instead of cement which means that almost no dust is generated and your car is better preserved.

Because our special building we can accommodate all types of vehicles, with the confidence to maneuver without causing damage because our large width space.

We have a free shuttle from and to the airport which is only 2 minutes away, thus hardly have to wait.

Our highlighs in comparison to other parking companies at the airport

Parking Airport Picasso is the best choice

InParking Airport Picassowe adapt to the needs of our customers, let us know about them:

  • Parking open 24 hours
  • Surveillance cameras with CCTV provide the entire building a better security.
  • You can keep the car keys with you
  • Access to the building only allowed to our staff.
  • Extra Services for your vehicle

No matter the time at which your flight leaves or arrives to Malaga airport, you always have access to your vehicle. The vehicle is always in our controlled facilities and you can keep the keys if you wish, the car will not be moved.

We also provide extra services on request such as garage, hand wash or MOT review's

How to get to our parking facilities

We are really close to the airport and our building is very visible, but if you want accurate information on how to get to our parking continue reading our website.

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How to get to airport parking

How works airport parking?

ou want to know how we work before trusting us for parking your car? It is normal, continue reading to know more about us and how to book online or directly from our facilities.

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