Malaga Airport Parking
Low cost

Why are they cheaper?

If we give the same service as other parking companies at the airport, then why the other companies are cheaper?

The answer is that in reality not all companies provide the same quality service, most collect your car at the airport or at their offices, but then park it at a roofless plot, or what is worse, in the street. They provide outdoor parking without the customer noticing it.

If a parking company doesn´t have to maintain a building, pay security or hire staff, then it reduces the expenses to 0€ and can bargain the prices because small prices still convert into profit...

but also the service you get is at the same level, very poor.

Learn to identify scam

How to find a good airport parking and avoid the bad ones?

The biggest scam committed by marketing companies is to advertise the best care for your car and not comply with it by leaving it outdoors until the day the customer arrives...maybe he will not notice, but the car paint will suffer from the daily sun and we are in a sunny country.

Here are some tips to learn to identify possible scam:

  • Free car cleaning
    When picking up your car you get a free cleaning, it is more likely that your car has been gathering dust outdoors. It is a way to pass a fraud as a "free service".
  • Keep your keys
    One of our commitments is that we guarantee you keep the car keys with you after parking with us, so you can be certain that your car will not be moved. Do they let you to keep the car keys in other parkings?
  • Check your car kilometres
    For safety records check the number of kilometres of your car before delivery. On collection you might find someone might have driven it around while you were gone!
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