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Parking airport Picasso

How to get to

Parking Airport Picasso

Malaga city to Airport Parking Road access from the east

Marbella to Malaga airport Access from the west

Bus to Malaga airport

Bus to Malaga airport

There are several bus companies with which you can reach the airport, whose timetables vary depending on the company. That is why we refer to the most common one, Buses Portillo.

If you take the bus from Marbella station it takes approximately 45 min to get Malaga airport.

Taking the bus from Málaga Bus station it only takes 11 minutes. You can check the timetable following the link.

Buses timetable
Airport train station

Train to Malaga airport

In the Costa del Sol there is only one railway line, the commuter train, its route goes from Malaga to Fuengirola in a round trip, pay attention to advises to stop at Malaga airport.

If you take the train from Fuengirola station it will take 30 minutes to arrive.

Taking the train from Málaga station only takes 11minutes. You can check the timetable following the link.

Train timetable
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