Especialist in luxury cars
Parking Airport Picasso

Parking Airport Picasso

Especialist in
luxury cars

At Parking Airport Picasso we want you to leave your vehicle with complete peace of mind. We are leaders and we make a difference. We specialize in luxury cars and our staff has the best professional training to provide a superior quality service.

We know that a luxury car requires excellent service and that is why we put our experience at your disposal to provide you with the perfect solution for the care of your precious possession.

Our extensive facilities, perfectly conditioned and equipped, have the best characteristics of Malaga airport.
Our parking building has metal structure floors and ceilings that preserve your car from dust and favor its conservation in optimal conditions. We also have parking spaces of special widths that allow maneuvers without risk of damage.

At Parking Airport Picasso we have many services included for the safety of your car:

  • Security and surveillance 24 hours
  • Closed circuit cameras
  • Interior access authorized only for our staff
  • You can take your vehicle key with you

We also offer extra services that complete the quality of a superior service:

  • Handcrafted interior and exterior washing
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Diesel refueling
  • Mechanical inspection of your vehicle and I.T.V. inspection

Breathe easy, we are prepared to provide a service that meets the highest and most exclusive requirements.

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