Changes in access to Terminal 3 of Malaga airport

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Last week work has begun on improving access infrastructure to Terminal 3 of Malaga airport. These works which aim to improve this access area for vehicles dropping off passengers have aroused much controversy. We inform you if and how it can affect you if you plan to travel by car to Malaga airport.

The current improvement of the infrastructure at Level One of Terminal 3 (Departures) aims to eliminate the congestion that usually occurs in days of great affluence, as many people used the third lane to park to drop off passengers.

So now private vehicles can no longer park or stop in front of the T3 and are obliged to use a lane that goes directly to the Parking Express located in the Level One between the T3 and the T2 at about 100 meters distance.

This parking is free for the first 15 minutes, then the full rate is applied directly, which has provoked a lot of criticism. If this measure is really as effective as intended it will be seen in the summer months with maximum influx of cars and travellers.

Does this measure affect me?

This measure will affect you if you travel in a private vehicle to Terminal 3 Departures. If you arrive by private transfer or a courtesy vehicle, they will have to park in the express car park located 100 meters from the main entry of Departures.

If you are arriving on a flight and will be picked up by a private transfer or a courtesy vehicle, this measure will not affect you since this stop remains the same at Level 0 at the height of Terminal 2.

In order to avoid possible problems such as traffic jams at peak times while the works last, we recommend arriving with sufficient time, at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight.

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